Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Laptop coolers suck. (with Macbook Pro)

I just ordered some stuff from NewEgg (great place)- and picked up for 7 dollars a cheap laptop cooler. I got some interesting results:

For this graph I was compressing a DVD, maxing out both cores (intel core duo 2).

Almost every sensor shows a cooler temp without the laptop cooler! with the exception of the bottom pink line which is the enclosure bottomside sensor. also the light gray line says its the main heatsink 2.

Most importantly, the processors are cooler with just internal cooling.

So, the result of this is that I'll probably just adjust the lookup table to make the internal fan turn on a bit sooner instead of using a laptop cooler.

Why is this, well it's pretty obvious in hindsight, but I'll spell it out, the internal fans work harder with no external cooling, and are optimally placed- so when they do turn on, they work better than any external contraption I could think of.


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