Thursday, November 30, 2006

OS X WindowServer process sucking ungodly amounts of memory.

Activity monitor-> sort by real memory, WindowServer, 350Mb???? WTF!!!!

So, I was wondering why the WindowServer process on OS X uses so much memory. Basically, I found a post on ArsTechnica explaining it- looks like not much has changed since 10.1. Even with 10.4, each window, be it a textEdit document or a photoshop scene is a 32-bit OpenGL scene. Since I'm using a 30" cinema display and a 17", the large window sizes and multiple windows I use during web development use up about 350Mb of memory!

Usually I've got dreamweaver, firefox, flash, photoshop, textEdit, iTunes open no matter what for development.

Then if I'm doing video work, that'd be Final Cut, Livetype, Motion, and photoshop. so thats why I hover around 350Mb on average.

To see if you need more memory:
Check your Activity Monitor->System memory, Page ins/ page outs. If those numbers are too high-especially the second number(memory paged back in from disk), you should get more ram.



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