Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Laptop coolers suck. (with Macbook Pro)

I just ordered some stuff from NewEgg (great place)- and picked up for 7 dollars a cheap laptop cooler. I got some interesting results:

For this graph I was compressing a DVD, maxing out both cores (intel core duo 2).

Almost every sensor shows a cooler temp without the laptop cooler! with the exception of the bottom pink line which is the enclosure bottomside sensor. also the light gray line says its the main heatsink 2.

Most importantly, the processors are cooler with just internal cooling.

So, the result of this is that I'll probably just adjust the lookup table to make the internal fan turn on a bit sooner instead of using a laptop cooler.

Why is this, well it's pretty obvious in hindsight, but I'll spell it out, the internal fans work harder with no external cooling, and are optimally placed- so when they do turn on, they work better than any external contraption I could think of.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

OS X WindowServer process sucking ungodly amounts of memory.

Activity monitor-> sort by real memory, WindowServer, 350Mb???? WTF!!!!

So, I was wondering why the WindowServer process on OS X uses so much memory. Basically, I found a post on ArsTechnica explaining it- looks like not much has changed since 10.1. Even with 10.4, each window, be it a textEdit document or a photoshop scene is a 32-bit OpenGL scene. Since I'm using a 30" cinema display and a 17", the large window sizes and multiple windows I use during web development use up about 350Mb of memory!

Usually I've got dreamweaver, firefox, flash, photoshop, textEdit, iTunes open no matter what for development.

Then if I'm doing video work, that'd be Final Cut, Livetype, Motion, and photoshop. so thats why I hover around 350Mb on average.

To see if you need more memory:
Check your Activity Monitor->System memory, Page ins/ page outs. If those numbers are too high-especially the second number(memory paged back in from disk), you should get more ram.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

So, I just spent about an hour trying to get mysql working on OS X 10.4.6.

I downloaded mysql vers 5.0.19 , after about an hour of trying to set the root password, using

./mysqladmin -u root password newpassword

I got errors like
Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

I removed the reciepts file, removed mysql, using rm -rf mysql

installed version 4, and it worked. why does software installation have to be so difficult?

(starting up mysql with mysql -u root -p )
I found mysql can start up just fine as mysql, its just that you can't create databases, etc.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Compression for Video Ipods

The standard way of compressing for iPods (the movie to iPod option) creates files about 700K, which is good if you want to hook your iPod up to the TV, but the filesize is way too large if you're just going to view the video on your iPod. Filesize needs to be only around 400K and you'll get phenomonal results with the new H.264 codec.

So, the following shows how to compress a video at a smaller size, but looks just as good on the video iPod. plus, it'll download faster.

Open up your video in Quicktime Pro, and go to File->Export.

You want to use the MPEG-4 video setting instead of the export for iPod setting.
Choose the highlighted option:

Then change the settings to MP4, with video format of H.264, image size 320x240 QVGA, frame rate 15 or 29.97. And the biggie, the video filesize needs only to be around 300-400K to get great results. Here in this pic, I chose 320Kbps (which has nothing to do with the 320x240 frame size.

And then click on the video options dialogue box and have main and baseline options clicked. Also, encode in the best quality. There's no reason really why not too unless you've got a slow machine.

Next Are the Audio Settings:

You'll want AAC-LC (Music) setting, data rate between 64 and 192Kbps

This method works with OS X and quicktime 7.0.4 or above, so use the software updater if you need to, below 7.0.4 you'll see just the movie to iPod option.